Commencer le Vélotaf : adoptez les bonnes pratiques pour une transition réussie !

Starting Vélotaf: adopt good practices for a successful transition!

Commuting, or the art of cycling to the office, can seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, the benefits are numerous. However, for this transition to be successful, it is essential to know best practices and stick to them. In this article, we guide you through the steps to get started in Vélotaf successfully.

The advantages of Vélotaf:

  1. Save time : By opting for a bike, especially an electric bike in the city, you can say goodbye to endless traffic jams. Faster than the car and the scooter, the bike allows you to get to your destination more quickly, without stress.
  2. Stay in shape without effort 🚴 : The electric bike offers the possibility of dosing your effort, which allows you to stay in shape all year round without arriving sweaty at work. With a well-equipped bike like our Libbri model, you can adjust the electric assistance according to your needs, ensuring you arrive at the office fresh and energetic.

Useful tips for starting Vélotaf:

  1. Prepare your route : use applications like Google Maps or Komoot to plan your trips around town. This will help you find the safest and most convenient routes.
  2. Properly Adjust Your Bike : Make sure your bike is properly adjusted to avoid pain and injury. The correct position on the bike is essential for a comfortable and worry-free ride.
  3. Be visible : invest in visibility equipment such as front and rear lights as well as reflective accessories to be well seen on the road, especially during your nighttime journeys.
  4. Get the right look : Find the right balance between a professional and practical look for your bike commute. If you prefer dresses, opt for tailored models and practical accessories like a skirt clip for added comfort and security.
  5. Ride in all weather : equip yourself to face all weather conditions. A rain cape and a cloth to wipe your wet saddle are essential accessories to make your journeys pleasant, whatever the weather.

By following these tips and adopting a positive attitude, you will be ready to make Vélotaf an integral part of your daily routine. So get on your bike, get ready to discover a new way to get to work and enjoy the many benefits it will bring you. Good road !

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