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The bike

Can I try the Libbri bike?

You can test our bikes for free by booking a test ride on our website. In the "Book a test ride" section, you will find the locations and times available to test the Libbri cargo bike.

Come and meet us at events near you

The Libbri team is here to answer all your questions via WhatsApp, phone and email.

Where can I test ride the Libbri cargo bike?

There are 3 ways to test Libbri bikes:

  1. Test ride a Libbri bike near you. You can book a free test ride in our showroom, in our partners' shops or with our Libbri ambassadors. You can book a free test ride here.
  2. Test ride a Libbri bike at an event near you. We'll be at a number of events where you can come and meet us and try out the bike. The list of events can be found here.
  3. Test ride the Libbri bike at home. If you prefer, we can also come to you. You can book a free test ride here.

What is included in the price of the bike?

The price of Libbri bikes includes everything you need to start riding with your family: the bike, the 840 Wh battery, the charger and accessories for other passengers such as protection bars, foam seat, rest feet and spoke and belt/chain protection.

What is the autonomy of Libbri bikes?

You have the choice between two battery options offering different ranges: an 860 Wh battery for a maximum range of 80 km* or a dual 1,680 Wh battery allowing coverage of up to 160 km*.

(*) Depends on the assistance mode selected, the driving style (frequent stops, smooth riding) and the conditions of use (weather, bike load, number of passengers, quality of terrain and elevation).

Can the battery be removed?

Yes, the battery is removable. Simply turn the key to unlock and carry it home for easy charging.

What is the maximum load capacity of the bikes?

Libbri cargo bikes can carry up to 200 kg of load (art. 175, al. 4, OETV).

Is it possible to fit my bike into my elevator?

We designed the Libbri bike so that it can be stored vertically in a small living space. The bike measures 1m95 and 70cm wide.

As a result, it takes up almost as much space as a potted plant, making it ideal for city apartments and elevator rides.

Is cycling eligible for municipal aid?

Yes ! As an electrically assisted bike – cargo, our longtail bike is approved and eligible for the various aids offered by the municipalities.

Consult here the aid in your municipality. This page exists for information purposes: the data may not be up to date.

The accessories

Which seats for children?

Equip your Libbri bike with a baby seat for children aged 9 months and over. For older children (from 5 years old), opt for a junior seat . Both types of seats are compatible with Libbri bikes.

You have the option of installing 2 baby seats, 2 junior seats, or a combination of the two depending on the age of your children. In addition, for children over 5 years old, you can use the included protective bars.

You are now ready for safe walks with your children!

Model used in our images : Thule “Yepp Maxi” model

Payment and delivery

How does pre-order work?

  • Add the Libbri cargo bike to your shopping cart
  • Pay the partial amount (30% of the total amount of the bike) at the time of payment
  • The Libbri team will deliver your bike to your home free of charge and assembled in September 2024
  • You will pay the remaining amount by invoice or directly upon delivery

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us using the button at the bottom right.


When will pre-orders be available ?

With only a limited number of cargo bikes available, we recommend that you pre-order early to guarantee yours. Book a free test ride now.

Exclusive: For pre-orders between 15 March and 31 July 2024, we offer a free raincover to keep your little adventurer dry and happy during unexpected showers ☔️

Where can we be delivered?

Libbri delivers the assembled bike to your home throughout French-speaking Switzerland. For accessories and spare parts, delivery charges apply (rates are provided at the time of ordering).

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments by credit card on our site (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.). In addition, Libbri offers you the possibility of paying in 3, 4, 6, 12 or 24 monthly installments without fees.

How does installment payment work ?

You have the option of paying in 3, 4, 6, 12 or 24 monthly interest-free installments.

Here are your advantages:

  • No interest
  • No processing fees

Calculation example

You want to buy a Libbri bike and pay for it in 3 monthly installments. Its price is CHF 3,990.–. You can pay in three monthly installments:

  • Minimum amount: CHF 1,197.- (30% of the total amount of CHF 3,990.-)
  • 1st monthly payment after 30 days: CHF 931.– (1/3 of the remaining amount CHF 2,793.-)
  • 2nd monthly payment after 60 days: CHF 931.– (1/3 of the remaining amount CHF 2,793.-)
  • 3rd monthly payment after 90 days: CHF 931.– (1/3 of the remaining amount CHF 2,793.-)

Head over to Libbri's Installment Payment page to find all the information you'll need.

(*) Offer valid in our stores only, contact us.

After-sales service

How does Libbri’s after-sales service work?

If you have any questions about your Libbri bike, we are here to help. Go to the Libbri “ Maintenance ” page to find all the information you will need.

Are Libbri bikes guaranteed?

The Libbri frame is guaranteed for 36 months from the date of purchase. Other components - excluding wearing parts - such as the motor and battery, are guaranteed for 18 months from the date of purchase. The charger is guaranteed for 12 months.

Is it possible to buy spare parts?

Our network of repairers is specially trained to carry out repairs on Libbri bicycles.

However, if you prefer to carry out the repairs yourself, we also offer spare parts for sale on our site .