Where does the name Libbri come from?

The name "Libbri" evokes our commitment to the concept of freedom. We chose this name to symbolize our vision of reinventing a softer urban life, offering more fluidity, freedom and serenity in daily mobility.

The choice of the name “Libbri” was carefully considered. The two letters “B” recall our commitment to collective and individual well-being. On the one hand, they symbolize our “bienveillant” desire to make life easier for as many urban dwellers as possible, by helping to create more sustainable and serene cities. On the other hand, they highlight our commitment to "bien-être" through bikes that are good for you and good for the world. As for the "i" in Libbri, it is a nod to our friends d'outre-Sarine, adding a touch of originality to our identity while celebrating the cultural diversity of Switzerland.

Libbri is more than just a name; it embodies our passion for creating innovative and fulfilling mobility solutions. Our goal is to offer you a safe, reliable and sustainable means of transportation that gives you wings to explore your urban environment.

Explore the city with Libbri, where freedom, kindness and well-being meet with every pedal stroke.

From the founder

I am Ha-Phong Nguyen, a civil engineer from EPFL.

During the pandemic, while I was researching the idea for my project, three aspects were particularly important to me.

I really wanted it to have a significant impact on the city where I currently live. The idea was to simplify the daily lives of city dwellers with a practical solution, while ensuring that it was inclusive and accessible to everyone.

This is how Libbri came to be, merging these three fundamental principles.

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