• Bafang M600 engine*

    A powerful and dynamic engine designed for heavy loads and the hilly roads of Switzerland. Rated power 500W, increased torque up to 120Nm even at low pedaling frequency for more momentum when starting and accelerating.

    (*) Bafang M510, 250W, 95Nm with Enviolo belt transmission

  • Continuous transmission

    Enviolo system with 380% continuously variable Extreme hub, specifically designed for cargo bikes. Very intuitive and easy to use, gear shifting is even possible when stationary. The Gates belt is quiet, clean, durable and maintenance free.

    If you're a fan of shifting, choose the proven Shimano Deore 10-speed system.

  • Magura MT5 4-piston disc brakes

    A bike that can handle this much requires serious braking ability, and these brakes deliver. They can quickly bring a fully loaded Libbri to a solid, safe stop. The 20" wheels are fitted with Schwalbe Pick-Up 27.5x35 puncture-proof tyres. Comfortable and hard-wearing, they prevent you from getting stuck in the rails of the M1.

  • Battery for the whole day

    The Libbri bike is wired to accommodate two Samsung batteries offering a total capacity of 1,680Wh* (2x840Wh). This means you can get a second battery when you're really sure you need it, without having to worry about recharging your bike.

    (*) Average range of 80 km per battery

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  • Practical and modular

    The Libbri cargo bike is designed for a maximum payload of 200 kg (art. 175, al. 4, OETV). Whether it's your kids, an adult passenger, food for the next two weeks or things for a big project - the Libbri electric cargo bike is ready for these tasks.

  • Accessories ecosystem

    Take advantage of the strength of the frame-integrated rear rack and the sturdy combined mount for front cargo accessories. Whether you need to transport passengers or cargo, we have the accessory for every situation.

  • Integrated footrest

    The footrests integrated into the frame provide sturdy support and can be extended if necessary.

    The rear central stand, specially designed for the Libbri cargo bike, has a wide support for better stability when loading or unloading.

    Standard: footrests, Abus lock, passenger kit, safety bar kit, bell.

  • All seasons

    Make sure your little adventurer stays dry and happy during unexpected downpours. Made from high-quality, water-resistant materials, our rain tent has been designed to provide excellent aerodynamics, allowing for smooth maneuvering during windy conditions.

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  • Rear brake light

    Let drivers know to give you space when you stop or slow down. Always on, day or night, with improved side visibility.

    At the front, you have 120 lux light to see and be seen.

  • Integrated wheel protection

    A full-coverage rear wheel guard protects the driver and passengers from muddy water splashes and prevents clothing and shoelaces from getting caught in the wheel.

    The aluminum protection bars, fixed on the luggage rack, allow up to 2 children or bulky loads to be held in complete safety.

  • Specific suspension fork

    We built a special suspension fork to add comfort and control while safely handling the Libbri's huge 200 kg payload (art. 175, al. 4, OETV). The fork lock system allows better energy transfer when the electric assistance is deactivated.

  • Adjustable stem and ride

    The unique stem allows you to change the height and angle of the handlebars in seconds and without tools, creating a comfortable riding position whether you are tall or short.

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Technical specifications

General informations

  • Cargo bike with electric pedal assistance up to 25km/h (light mopeds)
  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 200 kg
  • Bike weight: 29 kg without battery
  • Colour: Matt black, matt grey, turquoise
  • Warranty: 36 months frame, 18 months motor and battery, 12 months charger
  • Product sheet

Electronic system

  • Bafang motor, M600, 500W, 120Nm with Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission
  • Bafang engine, M510, 250W, 95Nm with Enviolo 380 continuously variable transmission
  • Battery: Samsung, 48V 17.5Ah, 840Wh, 2nd battery optional
  • Bafang DP.C010 meter, 0-5 assistance modes, walking assistance
  • 70-100 km range with one battery
  • Fast charger: 220V, 54.6V, 4A


Option 1

  • Enviolo Extreme 380% continuous belt drive
  • Gates CDX belt
  • Enviolo MC-TWIST-PRO-OE shifter
  • 24T Gates drive belt sprocket
  • 63T sprocket for Gates drive belt CDX

Option 2

  • Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur
  • KMC e10s EPT chain
  • Shimano Deore shifter, ASLM4100, 10 speed
  • Rear hub: KT-M5ER, 12x148mm, thru axle
  • Accelerator: 20km/h according to CH legislation
  • 40T chainring
  • Bafang crankset, aluminium, 40T, 170mm


  • Front brakes: Magura MT5, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180 mm
  • Rear brake: Magura MT5, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180 mm
  • Brake lever: Magura MT5 e-stop, hydraulic


  • KT-TWXF front hub, 15x110mm, thru axle
  • KT-M5ER rear hub, 12x148mm, thru axle or Enviolo Extreme, 380% ratio range
  • 6061E double-wall aluminium rims, 36 holes
  • Schwalbe Pick-Up tyres, 20x2.35, puncture-proof, reflex contour


  • Promax HB-T3188 handlebars, 700mm, ergonomic, aluminium
  • Ergon grips, ergonomic, dual density


  • One size fits all, medium span, 6061 aluminium. Integrated ducting. Optimum geometry designed for great manoeuvrability and stable handling. Specific attachments for front luggage racks
  • Recommended rider height: 1.57 m - 1.90 m


  • Chain/belt guard: Libbri, fully integrated
  • Rear centre stand, wide support for greater stability
  • Xingcheng XC-331E front lighting, 120 lux, with reflector
  • Rear lighting with integrated stop function for better visibility when decelerating
  • Front and rear aluminium mudguards
  • Optional aluminium Libbri front luggage rack
  • Libbri rear luggage rack, aluminium, exclusive Longtail design with integrated footrests. Loads up to 200 kg (art. 175, al. 4, OETV). Integrated child safety bar (recommended height 110-140cm. Smaller children require an optional baby seat.
  • Integrated ABUS lock on front fork
  • Integrated gold sounder
  • Royal saddle, Lookin Comfortable
  • Promax SP-252 seatpost, 31.8 x 350/400mm
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Comfort and safety

The rear of the Libbri bike allows you to safely transport two children or an adult. The spoke guard prevents unintentional contact with the spokes. The low center of gravity, a source of comfort and safety for adults and children, allows simplified access.

Discover our accessories ecosystem

Easy to carry

The Libbri bike reduces its size to a third of its volume in seconds. Stick a Libbri (or two!) to the back of a van or small SUV, without the need to install a bike rack.

Easy to drive

The Libbri's unique geometry makes for a super stable ride, no matter what you're carrying (or how fidgety your kids are). The low center of gravity allows even smaller riders to confidently handle heavy loads, and the stepped frame makes getting on and off the bike easy.

Robust and tested

TüV, one of Europe's leading bicycle testing laboratories, has tested the Libbri cargo bike up to 200 kg using extremely demanding testing standards (DIN79010)

Certificate of homologation

Insurance and assistance

Ride with peace of mind by protecting your bike thanks to our partnership with the Touring Club Suisse.

Insure the value of your bike from 57 CHF/year thanks to Libbri. The first year is free!

Learn more

For professionals

Libbri offers soft mobility solutions for businesses and communities, for the development of cycling in our region.

Discover our B2B offers
  • Ready to transport your children safely

    with standard equipment such as the protection bars, foam seat, footrest and spoke protection. When it comes to transporting your family, there is no compromise on reliability. Our bikes are certified by TüV Rheinland to the DIN79010 standard, require little maintenance, and are designed to withstand intensive use on the steep roads of French-speaking Switzerland.

  • Do everything from home

    Try the Libbri electric cargo bike for free at home, in our showroom, or at events organized in your area. We ensure delivery and assembly of the Libbri electric cargo bike to your home and support you in its use.

    Our after-sales service gives you the option of carrying out repairs yourself or calling in a Libbri partner at your home or workplace.

  • Torque motor, long range and 3-year warranty

    Libbri cargo bikes are equipped with Bafang motor, renowned for their reliability and low maintenance requirements. They are among the most reliable engines on the market. The Bafang motor gives up to 120 Nm of torque, making it easy to move heavy loads and tackle climbs effortlessly. With its 840Wh battery, drive up to 80 km depending on your usage and even double its capacity if you wish.

  • Ride with confidence

    Enjoy peace of mind by protecting your bike against risks such as collisions, theft, falls and breakdowns thanks to our partnership with the Touring Club Suisse. Libbri offers you the first year's insurance cover so you can ride with complete confidence.

  • Swiss local company

    Do you live in Switzerland? Benefit from a reduction of up to CHF 1,000 on the purchase of a Libbri bike thanks to subsidies from your municipality. Additionally, you can get additional subsidies from your company if it encourages green mobility. We are happy to assist you in the procedures with your municipality.

  • Pay in 3 or 6 installments without fees

    You can pay for your Libbri bike in three or six interest-free monthly instalments. This service is not provided by a credit institution and Libbri remains your contractual partner. Your benefits include interest-free payments, no one-off fixed processing fees and no need to go to a credit institution.

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